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I am so thrilled you are here...in all of your divine self!  Let's begin this Zing Living journey together.  ~Heather Kamala

What is Zing Living? Building from a powerful base of four pillars, we teach about the healing qualities of yoga and the powerhouse support of Young Living essential oils.   We are Love Warriors and Guardians of Nature.  Are you ready to reach up to your highest potential?  Learn how to take the actions that will propel your health and wealth in a crazy mad spiral upward. Let Zing Living be your guiding force.  Join the Movement! 

Check out our classes, workshops and certifications for kid's and adult yoga. 


no apologies for greatness, one step at a time towards your dreams

dig in, people!

Zing Living Calendar of Events 2017 including Vision Board classes, retreats and certifications