Vision Journey

Our first Vision Journey class was a big hit!  The second will be held Feb 7, 2017 and each month thereafter on the first Saturday of the month.  

We notated our goals, listed actions for the coming week and used magazines to create our mini vision boards right in our journals.  Yes, we cut and pasted, it was super fun.  

The vision board serves as an ongoing reminder of what we are committed to achieving.  How does this work?  Funny thing, the brain.  It believes what it sees and what we tell it.  So why don't we just program our brains with what we would like to manifest?  I believe it's because we don't take the time out of our daily lives to work on such details.  Well, some of us do, but if you'd like support in taking a few hours each month for yourself in a group of lovely, like-minded, health conscious folks manifesting their dream lives through action, please join us!

Payments can be made here to gain access.  

Journals can be purchased here.